Facial feminization surgery encompasses a broad range of procedures to change the shape of the face to look feminine. Examples include having the hairline moved to create a smaller forehead, having lips and cheekbones augmented, or having the jaw and chin reshaped and resized. Skin-tightening surgery, such as a face-lift, is another option.

Facial feminization surgery might be done as a step in the process of treating discomfort due to a difference in gender identity and sex assigned at birth (gender dysphoria). The techniques can help transgender women transition physically to their self-affirmed gender.

Why it’s done

Many facial features, such as the eyes, jaw and brow, reflect sex differences. While other body parts can be covered or hidden, facial features are readily seen. For some transgender people who have a gender identity that differs from the sex assigned to them at birth, altering these characteristics can be essential in their transition.


Definitive and stable results might not appear until up to a year after facial feminization surgery. During your recovery period, you’ll continue to talk to specialists involved in your treatment about the evolution of your facial features and any concerns you might have.

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