A technique comparable to the blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), where an excision is made of the excess skin of the upper lip through incisions which are hidden in the folds and base of the nose. The scars are practically invisible.

We achieve the shortening of the lip by increasing the exposure of the vermilion border and the incisors but this DOES NOT achieve a cutaneous rejuvenation of the skin meaning that with patients who have marked “bar codes”, the technique must be combined with cutaneous rejuvenation of the skin of the lips with laser or a phenol peeling .

In IMCF we prefer a phenol peeling as we have observed better results than with ablative laser in just one session. Through the combination of these 2 techniques, surgery and phenol, the rejuvenation of the lips is complete with very satisfying results.

How is the surgery performed?

The lip lift surgery is performed under local anaesthetic in a homologated operating theatre for out patient minor surgery procedures within the outpatient clinic of our Institute, this way there are no added costs of the hospital.

If the patient prefers or requires, it can be carried out with oral or intravenous sedation or with general anaesthetic in the operating theatres of the Hospital Clínica Benidorm when combined with other surgical cosmetic techniques such as a face lift.

c. Minimal invasive surgical techniques for a lifting of the lips

The specific therapeutic plan for each patient is carried out after the facial anatomical medical examination and the analysis of the aesthetic requirements of each patient. The sought after results can be reached by carrying out an isolated surgical technique or a combination of various:

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